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Hamstring Stretch – 20 Minutes

This video will get your Hamstrings a good stretch and also help relax your lower back. There is a close connection between the back of your legs and your lower back. So with this workout you can not only increase the flexibility in the back of your legs but also get relief for lower back pain! Enjoy the lovely feeling …

Power Plank Workout

15 Minute Advanced Plank Challenge This workout is going to challenge you in all „Plank Variations“. It is an advanced challenging workout. In case you are suffering from neck problems: Take it easy! But if you are fit an healthy then go and challenge yourself! Have fun and dont give up!

Stretch and Relax – 35 Minutes

This Workout is a very individual mix between Pilates and Yoga Exercises. For those who know Annas „Stretch Class“ the Repertoire is very well know. For all others just enjoy this unique mix of Exercises that relax your body and calm your mind. You will need a „Spiky Dome“ or a small pillow. These 35 minutes are ideal in the …